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Tory Innes (トーリー・イニス Toorii Inisu): is a teacher at the college, with a fanatic interest in magic.[2]

Appearance Edit

Tory has long, bushy, dark hair pulled back into a ponytail. He often wears a white lab coat over a dark, zip up sweater. He has glasses and a small scar running out from the left side of his mouth. He is more often than not smiling.

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Personality Edit

He is extremely light hearted almost always has a grin on his face and insists that others call him Tory as opposed to Mr. Innes as the later makes him feel too old.[3] He has a great interest in magic particularly the natural magic of magus finding it beautiful.[4] His obsession bleeds over to the actual practitioners wishing he could have met Cartiphilius and excitedly grabbing Chise Hatori's face upon meeting her.[5][6]

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