Stella Barklem (ステラ Sutera) is a friend to Chise and the older to Ethan.

Appearance Edit

She has fringeless, short light hair.





It was Christmas and she was visiting her grandparents with her family. Her younger brother, Ethan, was playing in the snow and didn't want to go back in. They had an argument and she went back inside, saying that she "never wanted a brother like him".

When her brother went missing, she went around town to search for him. Strangely, only she could remember he exists and this intrigued Chise and Elias, who decides to help her. Afterwards, they found that it was Ashen Eyes who had taken her brother. Ashen Eyes say that humans should think twice before saying things because others may be listening. It sets them a game where they have to find Ethan and Elias.

Stella begins to lose memory of her brother's name but was relieved to find her brother. Even though they had another brief argument, they decide to go home together.

In return for the help in finding her brother, she made cookies for Chise. She visited her Chise's house and had a talk with her. She advises her to be more confident, and Chise promises to visit her next time.

Later, she is seen walking in London with her parents and brother. A boy walks past her and nicks the back of her neck, quietly smiling as he walks away.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Relationships Edit




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