Simon Cullum (サイモン・カラム Saimon Karamu): is an acquaintance of Elias. He is the priest who presides over the village near Elias' house.[2]


Simon is a man at average height with amber eyes and blonde hair that's pulled back into a ponytail. His usual clothing is that of a standard clergy attire with a black cassock, a white clerical collar along with an open grey suit. He can also be seen wearing a pair of brown shoes and a silver necklace around his neck with a cross.[3]


Simon's first color scheme in the anime.
Simon's second color scheme in the anime.


Simon appears as a kind and gentle man of the church, as seen when he expresses great concern for both Chise and Elias' health and overall well-being.[4][5] He doesn't seem to take any offense when people don't trust him.[6] But Simon has also shown to have a sense of humor at times, even self-deprecating to an extent on the subject of him being a coward.[7] Which has some truth to it as he cowered behind bushes when he spied on Elias 10 years ago and getting nervous when Titania confronted him.[8][9]

Simon can however get serious when it comes to matters associated with the church, as when he tells Elias about the three jobs given to him by the church for not only his abilities as a sorcerer, but also due to his actions of taking on an apprentice via the Black Market.[10] However, he can just as easily shrug it off when he feels reassured about the situation at hand.[11][12]



Simon spying on Elias.

Ten years prior to the events of the series, Simon was assigned to keep an eye on Elias Ainsworth and at the beginning, he did so by spying on him. He claims that it wasn't his idea but he did his best, however, it didn't take long until Elias caught him behind some of the bushes as he started coughing uncontrollably. Elias told him to shut it as he hit him on top of his head with his staff. As Simon looked up, dumbfounded, Elias handed him a glass of tea to soothe his throat. Simon believes that Elias did so as it was probably the simplest way to silence him but he doesn't think badly of him for doing so.[13]


Volume I

As Chise Hatori and Elias Ainsworth returns from London, Simon first appears outside of Elias' household where he'd been waiting for Elias to return and immediately starts complaining to the sorcerer about his convenient absence during the time, even after having told him prior to this that he'd be coming over and that his housemaid didn't let him come inside as she doesn't appear to like him very much. Once Simon takes notice of Chise he immediately deduces that this must be Elias' new apprentice and introduces himself to her, as well as stating that he got two favors to ask them.[14]

Simon is then seen inside the household with a cup of coffee while complaining that he'd been outside and waiting for a period two hours while also reminding Elias of the cold weather despite it being nearly summer. Elias asks him why he didn't return to the church and simply return the following day, to which Simon replies that it would be troublesome. Chise at this point hasn't spoken a word and Elias tells her that she doesn't have to feel nervous around Simon as he's a coward; to which Simon doesn't deny and jokingly calls himself a helpless lamb that's frightened of the powerful sorcerer. Elias continues to explain that Simon is the priest of the village. Simon and Elias continue to bicker for a while longer before calling out to Chise and padding her head, telling her that he's vaguely aware of the events thus far and gives her praise for it. Simon goes on to tell her that his church is always open to her if she ever needs anything.[15]

Elias then proceeds by asking Simon about the difficulty of the tasks he's about to give them, to which Simon reveals that he has three tasks for them from the church and states that these are matters that they cannot touch but Elias on the other hand, should be able to. Simon also states after Elias' complaint about there being three tasks that this is the penalty for taking up an apprentice after staying quiet for several years, it was simply not something that Simon could cover up and had no choice but to report it to the top. Elias reminds Simon that he has no intentions of being controlled by the church, to which Simon states that he understands but also assures Elias that the church doesn't want to stir up any troubles between the magicians. While Elias complaints about the lack of change from the higher ups view over the years, Chise asks Simon if it's her fault for the penalty given to Elias. Simon assures her that it isn't her fault, but rather Elias' way of obtaining her that is the problem.[16]

Simon then begins to take his leave, but not before obtaining his usual medicine from Silver, one that he explains to Chise is for his coughing and that it doesn't stop without Elias' medicine. Simon also tells her that everyone in the village gets their medicine from Elias and a sorcerer's medicine is good for the body and that Chise should study well in the future. Simon then finally leaves the household and returns to the church.[17]

Volume II

After the events that took place in Ulthar, Elias Ainsworth is found watching over the sleeping Chise Hatori as Simon appears yet again after seemingly numerous times before; telling Elias that he could at least let him worry about Chise as she's been sleeping for an extended amount of time. Elias tells him that it isn't a strange occurrence and that her recovery should be faster outside of the outside and that she should awaken soon. He compares Chise's situation to that of a watermill, explaining that they have no choice but to let Chise discover her limits for her own sake. Simon calls it a "drastic measurement in practice" but also senses that Elias is still hiding something from him, to which Elias is surprised that he could tell. Simon reminds him that 10 years have passed since he was assigned to watch Elias and that he can tell when something is wrong with Elias.[18]

Their conversation is then cut short with the arrival of Spriggan and a woman. Upon learning that her identity is that of Titania, Simon grows nervous around her as can be seen when she approaches him and asks if he's a priest. As Titania confirms this by sniffing out a faint smell of his belief, she banishes him to a woodland realm for the time being. Simon eventually finds his way out and is greeted by a newly awakened Chise, to which he's relieved and tells her that he was worried. He then takes notice of the time and tells them that he has to return to the church or else he'll get scolded by the sisters, but not before joking with Elias that he's disappointed that he couldn't partake in some refreshments with them.[19]

Volume III

Chise Hatori is out searching for Elias Ainsworth with Ruth and stumbles upon Simon at the church while he's occupied with the gardens. Surprised about her visit, Simon welcomes her and asks her to forgive him for not being able to talk much during their last meeting. He asks her if she's feeling any better, to which Chise replies that does, in fact, feel much better but then interrupted by Ruth who transforms into his human form and places himself in between the two, claiming that he doesn't trust him. Simon quickly realizes that this must be her familiar and remarks that he appears to be a fine older brother to her. Chise then proceeds to ask if Simon can see faeries considering that he's able to see Ruth and Simon replies that while he might have the sight, he doesn't have any other talents for magic besides this. Upon asking why they're here, Chise explains that they're looking for Elias but before Simon can finish his sentence telling them that he hasn't seen him, they start making a run for it while thanking him for his help. Shocked by this, Simon complains at them as they run and tells them that they're starting to resemble Elias a little too much by leaving him like that. [20]

Volume IV

Sometime after Chise's return from Lindel, Simon comes by to ask for some of his usual medicine as he admits that he has always had a little trouble breathing. Chise goes off to get it and returns with it, along with a glass of tea with syrup made from elderflowers, telling him it's good for his throat. Simon thanks her and laughs as he tells Chise that this was the same thing that Elias gave ten year's prior to this when they first met. After telling her about their history, Simon drinks up his tea and tells Chise that it was delicious. He asks where Elias is and upon learning that he's having a guest, Simon jokes that he must be very popular due to him always having someone visiting him when he comes around. He then waves and tells Chise goodbye as he heads off once again.[21]

Volume V

During Elias and Chise's visit to Ant Hill, Simon makes a visit in hopes of finding Elias and get some of his medicine. He's instead greeted by a surprised Silver Lady whom immediately slams the door on him before he can say so much as hello. He asks her if Elias is still out and if she knows when he's coming back. To which she replies "no" by knocking the door back in response, one for yes and two for no. Disappointed that he couldn't get ahold of his medicine, Simon takes his leave and tells her that he'll be back; to which she proceeds to knock the door two times in response.[22]

Volume VIII

Simon was on his way to visit Chise when he stumbled upon Elias on the way there, just as he was leaving. Simon greets him and asks him where's heading but he's met with complaints about him presumably slacking off to which he replies that he did plenty of things the day before since it was Sunday and that taking a hike should hardly be considered as slacking. With a smile, he proceeds to ask Elias if he's found any goods new as of late but a less happy Elias asks why he'd think that; to which he replies that there's spring to in his step and by that account, he must have sort of goal in mind. Elias is shocked but then smiles as he agrees with him, a smile which Simon jokes about being the smile of a serial killer. Simon goes onto asking about Chise's condition, to which Elias replies that it isn't good; prompting Simon to tell him that doesn't know if Elias would consider God an ally but that he'd nevertheless pray for both Elias and Chise.[23]

Skills and Abilities

  • The Sight: Simon has the ability to both see and hear faeries, but this is the extent of his magical abilities as he claims to have no talent for magic besides this.


Elias Ainsworth

They've known each other ever since Simon was appointed as Elias' watchdog 10 years prior to the start of the series. Chise describes them as being on bad terms with one another but as the series goes on we gradually see that while their relationships is a bit rocky, they understand each other quite well. They frequently take jabs at one another but they're also commonly seen joking with each other as well. Simon is also one of the few people that also understand Elias' mood and can easily tell when they're is something wrong with him.

Chise Hatori

Even from the beginning, Simon showed kindness towards Chise and offered her a place at his church should she ever wanna get away from Elias. They seem to enjoy each other's company and Simon has shown to care for her as he has repeatedly made visits whenever Chise manages to get herself into trouble, being obviously worried about her well-being.


While they haven't made many interactions with one another, they clearly don't get along well as Silver has refused to let him into the house during numerous occasions. She has thus far only allowed it once but that's because Elias was the one who allowed him inside, even then she wasn't pleased when Simon was patting Chise's head as she was having her arms around her. It's so far unknown if there's a special reason for why she doesn't like him or if it's just because he's a priest.


  • (To Chise Hatori) "Yes, I am a helpless lamb that's frightened of the powerful sorcerer."[24]


  • His appearance was the first one in the series to be used as a model by Elias.[25]


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