The light that you followed once may have died, but this time, you can be the one who keeps that spark alive."


Silver (シルキー Shirukī): is a Silky and the fae landlady of the house where Ellias and Chise reside. She is silent and takes care of the housekeeping duties in the household. Her silence may be the reason they call her Silky rather than by her name.

Appearance Edit

Spriggan thinks she is the vision of a silvery flower, which may be why she has taken the namesake. Silver has one outfit: a pink Victorian dress with a matching shawl and bonnet. The bonnet has yellow flowers on each side. Her hair is blonde and was once long, though as she has never taken off her bonnet, it is unknown if it remained that way after her transformation.


Silver's color scheme in the anime.

Personality Edit

She will never accept payment, will sometimes play pranks, and tries to stay out of sight. The cup of cream you might see resting on top of the fireplace is hers.

Background Edit

Silver was once a banshee, whose clan had all died out. She wandered around aimlessly until Spriggan crossed her path. He takes her to a lit home and transforms her into a Silky.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit





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