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Shanahan (シャナハン Shanahan): is a former Human, now Faerie, living in the faerie world. He's married to Shannon.


Once a human, after living for many years in the faerie world, his body has transformed into a hybrid form between that of a human and a Canis. His human half is slim and effeminate and has pointed ears. Shanahan has long hair with fringes, two braids just behind his hair. He wears arm warmers, a simple, sleeveless clothing with a belt over the chest. While his animal half is unknown in terms of which type of canine it is, however, it closely resembles the appearance of a wolf with his dense and fluffy fur and a long tail.


Shanahan's full appearance.


Shanahan is seen to be very cheerful and playful. He likes to cling to his wife whenever he sees her.


Shanahan was born a human child. However, he was swapped with Shannon, a faerie, while still a baby. He was raised in the faerie world, where his body eventually adjusted to the place and transformed into a faerie with the appearance akin to that of a human and animal.


Skills and Abilities 



Shannon is Shanahan's wife. They first met each other when he visited her workplace in the human world.




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