Ruth (ルツ Rutsu) is Chise's familiar, a black grim. He shares a mental link with Chise and considers her a sister.

Appearance Edit

Ruth has two forms. His black grim form is that of a large black dog of pure black fur. He reaches up to Chise's rib cage and has red eyes, a trait he keeps in his human form along with hair resembling his fur.


Ruth Concept
Ruth's first color scheme in the anime.
Ruth's second color scheme in the anime.

Personality Edit

Ruth shows great resolve, both with his previous owner and Chise. He has a mental link between a familiar and master, and as such shares memories, feelings, and even lifespan with Chise. He uses his link to tell others what his master is feeling, when she is unwilling to.

Ruth has shown to care very much about Chise. He treats her like his sister even though he can act like her mother sometimes. He tends to be suspicious of people who take an interest Chise.

A dog in his passed life, he finds it difficult not to chase small creatures.

Background Edit

Ruth's original name was Yuris given to him by his owner (who he also thought was his sister), Isabel. Isabel was killed by an oncoming carriage. At the funeral, Ruth believed she would wake up eventually and stayed by her grave until he died.

He became a black grim, a fae who chased grave robbers away, however he continued believing he was human up until his meeting with Chise.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Familiar Edit

As Chise Hitori's familiar, he shares his lifespan with her. He is able to see into her dreams and read her mind, and thus can be called upon from long distances.

Shadow Edit

Ruth can hide in Chise's shadow.

Relationships Edit

Chise Hitori Edit

As her familiar, he shares a mental link, being able to see into her dreams and read her mind. They are still separate entities.




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