Riichi Miura (理一・三浦 Riichi Miura) is a supporting character in the OVA, Mahō Tsukai no Yome: Hoshi Matsu Hito. He was the librarian at the library of the forest.[1]




Riichi Miura was a magician whom Chise Hatori encountered when she was escaping from a wicked spirit. Miura opened his doors for her, providing her a safe haven for her. After their awkward encounter and attempt to convince Chise to stay and read some of his books, Chise appeared uncomfortable and tried to leave the establishment before Riichi told to wait. Chise apologised for barging in and turned around to leave but Riichi told her not to worry and stumbled over a few books before going off to search for a library card to give Chise. He finds it and they both exchange their names before Riichi gives her the library card, telling her that she had a beautiful name in the process. He explains that she'll be needing it if she later wants to return. Riichi then opens the doors to the library and encourages Chise to make a run for it in order to come home safely.


Skills and AbilitiesEdit


The Ability to See Spirits





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