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Oberon (オベロン Oberon): is the King of the Fae and Titania's husband.


He has deer horns and hooves and resembles a satyr. His hair is bushy reaching over his back.



Oberon is playful, and teasing; his wife finds him an annoyance in front of others. He also seems to take pleasure when he is beaten. He knows more than he shows. There are glimpses where he is more cruel, spiting Ellias and asking how long he can keep his facade for one, but he quickly returns to a carefree demeanour.



He visits a sleeping Chise without the knowledge of his wife and is seen looking over her when she and Elias arrive to the log that Chise sleeps against. With powerful magic, he is able to will her awake to a display of foliage sprouting in the autumn.

He is seen again, asking for Chise to return what is left of her faerie salve.

Skills and Abilities 






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