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Fae (フェイ Fei), otherwise commonly referred to as Neighbors (隣人 Rinjin), is a race of magical beings that have the ability to conjure Magic for either themselves or to aid others. While they can be found all over the world, they are ruled by Titania and Oberon who presides within the Faerie Kingdom.

Types of FaeriesEdit


Small and bird-like creatures. They look innocent but are quite mischievous. They assist with the power of wind, an element best for purification and guiding.

Banshee Edit

A fae that cries alongside the pain of her clan and heralds the death of a clansmen[1]. Their screams are akin to the sound of wind gusting through the cracks at night. They feel at a loss when their clan dies out, and there is no longer anyone that carries the same burdens and sorrows.

Black Grim Edit

A pure black dog that resides at a church and chases away grave robbers. It is possible that a normal dog can be reborn as a black grim. Usually, they are only dogs, but Ruth, who thought he was human, can transform into a human. In most regional folklore, the "black dog" is an omen of death and malace.[2]

Brownie Edit

Helpful faeries that like to live houses and gardens. They include Silkies, like Silver Lady. Milk or cream can be set above the fireplace as a gift for a hard working brownie.

Changeling Edit

Faerie that are placed in the crib of a human child who is taken by fairies. Changelings that live are raised by humans but notice they are different as they age much slower in adulthood. Shannon is a changeling, who married the child she replaced when she returned to the Anthill.

Elf Edit

Humanoid, with long pointed ears. Flowers bloom where they dance.

Fire Sprite Edit

Fae that look similiar to Ariels, but cloaked in flames, and with paws for feet.

Selkie Edit

Selkies are said to live as seals in the sea but shed their skin to become human on land. Lindel's familiar Merituuli is a selkie.

Vampire Edit

Blood sucking faeries. There are subtypes like Redcurrant a Leánnan sídhe that exchange blood for talent.

Vodyanoi Edit

A type of water spirit. They have webbed feet, scales, and a tail. The element of water is good at holding, storing and preserving things. Angelica's familiar, Hugo, is a Vodyanoi.




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