Mikhail Renfred (ミハイル・レンフレット Mihairu Renfureddo) is a wizard and mentor to Alice

Appearance Edit

Renfred is a tall man who keeps his black hair in a ponytail. He is missing his left arm and has a scar across his left eye. His face seems to be in a constant scowl -- a face only a mother could love. His most common outfit is a two-button white suit.

Personality Edit

He is serious and has some sort of grudge against Elias, but parallels him in more ways than one: he is standoffish yet deeply concerned for the one under his protection.

He is also a solemn drunk when he has alcohol according to his friends.

Background Edit

His scar is the work of saving Alice from a cursed book she had open. His arm was lost after upsetting Cartaphilus. It was used as part of his Chimera. He met Alice in an alleyway and decided that she had enough magical affinity to become his apprentice. She, instead, decided to become his guardian.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit





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