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Merituuli (メリトゥーリ Merito~ūri): is a Selkie and Lindel's Familiar.[1]


In human form, Merituuli is of dwarf height, he/she has fair skin, rosy cheeks, large, seal-like eyes, that are black in colour and short, straight, grey hair with a full fringe. Part of his/her hair is worn up in a ponytail, that sits on top of his/her head, whilst the rest is worn down.

Merituuli's outfit is a grey unitard with puffy trousers, on top of that he/she wears a dark grey coat with a light grey (almost white) furry collar and a red bow beneath the collar. The coat has no sleeves and extends to Merituuli's hands, forming gloves that look like a seal's fore flippers. He/she also wears black socks with brown shoes.

As Merituuli is a selkie, he/she also has a seal form.



Merituuli is a friendly Selkie that is often seen with a smile. He/She is loyal and obedient to their Master, Lindel.


Merituuli and Lindel were bonded to each other as Familiar and Master respectively.


Merituuli arrives to the household of Elias Ainsworth, with the intent of bringing Chise Hatori to the Dragon Land, as commanded by Lindel. Chise and her familiar, Ruth, then go with Merituuli, with all three of them riding on a young Dragon, to the Dragon Land.

Skills and Abilities

Merituuli has the ability to cast spells, which is normal for a fairy.




  • The name Merituuli means "sea breeze" in Finnish. Selkies are not part of the Finnish folklore, however.
  • Selkies, are mythological creatures found Scottish, Irish, Faroese and Icelandic folklore, traditionally they were believed to be seals that dwell in the seas and with the removal of their seal skin, possess a human form and the ability to access land. Selkies, were said to be very attractive and alluring to normal humans, in their human form.


  1. Mahou Tsukai no Tsukai Manga — Vol. 3 Chapter 14, Merituuli making his/her debut.


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