Magic (魔法 Mahō): is the power source from which Slay Vegas, Sorcerers, Alchemist and Witches are able to use and cast spells.

History Edit

Due to the previous war, many of those who deal with magic disappeared. Rahab had mentioned that there was movement between Russia and Sweden, which may be related to this war. Whatever the case, there is currently a shortage of youth with the born talents of magic. Measures have taken place to preserve these individuals, including soliciting random children and human trafficking.

Types of Magic User Edit

Slay Vega | Sleigh Beggy Edit

A human born with the innate ability to see neighbors, also known as fae. The Slay Vega are favoured by the fae who offer their assistance willingly and easily. The gift of kindness brings both a fortune and misfortune. As a result of their favouritism, the Slay Vega absorbs magic from their surroundings and amass a great amount within their body.

The downfall of a Slay Vega is that the accumulated mana will eventually take too great a toil on their body. They tire easily when using magic and will naturally die at an early age.

Known Slay Vega: Chise Hatori Edit

Sorcerer | Mage Edit

A type of mage that can call for the neighbors for assistance.  Unlike Slay Vega, who absorb mana passively, a sorcerer has to ask to borrow powers from neighbors.With magic, sorcerers can interfere with the regular laws of nature to bring forth a miracle.

Certain objects of nature hold specific meanings that are engraved in culture and serve as a strong foundation for magic. Sorcerers combine images, invocations and nature to weave their creation to their desired shape and purpose.

Known Sorcerers: Elias Ainsworth, Angelica Barlei, Alucia Barlei Edit

Alchemist | Magician Edit

Alchemist must understand the laws of nature and rearrange them to form spells. They create results similar to those of magic, but unlike the innate ability of a sorcerer, alchemist are held back by the rigid rules and a limited understandings of magic.

Magicians are not good vessels of magic power. They rarely are gifted with the ability to see the fae, and will often use an additional “battery” for magic. Slay Vega can be drained for their magic, and are thus highly sought after.

Known Magicians: Renfred, Alice Edit

Magi Edit

Magi are (currently) the only known magic-subgroup able to use magic without the help of fae, though it is very draining. They existed before man harnessed the power of steam and oil, and even before the use of names.

They interacted with the neighbors and asked for their assistance. Their work came to be known as magic. Many sought to find their purpose in life and perished trying. In the current day, few magi live, and most seclude themselves from other humans.

Known Magi: Lindel, Rahab Edit

Witch Edit

A primarily female group who may also be sorcerers, magi, or alchemist. They are mainly defined as those who form covens, sisterhoods made up of an uneven number of witches that support each other's endeavours. Witches specialize in curses (curing, countering, creating) and have the ability to lend their powers to others, much like the neighbors. It seems that many witches have roots in prostitution, channelling divine power into men and passing on their lineage to continue to develop their communities. Some members of the magic community frown on this and find they stand too close to the "children of men" and thus are more deceitful, with lies coming more easily to them.

Known Witches: Mariel Edit

Magic and Rituals Edit

Purification: Edit

Requires: The help of a fae with an affiliation to the element of wind. Improvised chant.

Used to get rid of impurity.

Circle the world on wings of flame Edit

Requires: The help of a fae with an affiliation to the element of fire.

Long range flight made possible with a wand. Shapes a flying vessel in the form of a phoenix

Form bond with familiar Edit

Requires: Specific Chant:

"Now knot the silver string. Now join the root of blood.

To never part, tie the sacred. To not lose use the ivy: knot it seven times on the seven spreading yews.

Until the day the snake of the end spews its tail. Come here: [name]"

Used to connect a familiar with its caster. Tying their life and mind together.

Homing guide: Edit

Requires: Spruce sprigs tied by red thread.

By borrowing the power of the forest spirits that dine on the spruce, the user may request direction to a place or person.

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