Leannan si or "Leanan sídhe"[1] are a type of vampire that consume the blood of human men and in return grant them talents in the arts. It is said that poets that die young are the work of the Leannan si. The term is also used as a name for a specific Leannan.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

She prefers poets and writers because their way with words are soothing like rain. She floats around Joel, observing and finding pleasure when other takes note of his writing abilities.

Background Edit

Leannan had finished with another man and decided to take a walk in a beautiful garden she had found. There, she locked eyes with Joel, and decided to live with him, even though he could not see her and was not her type at all. She refuses to believe she is in love with him, but through touch slowly sapped his life away unbeknownst to herself. On his death bed, Chise creates a fairy salve so that Joel may see Leannan before he dies. Joel decides to offer what little of his life was left to Leannan and turns to dust before she has the chance to answer him. After his death, Leannan decides she will care to his garden until the world turns to dust.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit





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