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Love conquers all. (愛は全てに勝る。 Ai wa subete ni masaru): is the 5th episode of The Ancient Magus Bride anime.


Chise is both shocked and stunned by Renfreds words about her imminent demise as a Sleigh Beggie, Alice giving a short explanation for why. Renfred tries to persuade Chise to abandon her teacher but it only causes her to retaliate and Chise manages to break free, giving enough for Elias and the other cats to arrive and defend the Sleigh Beggie. Chise, alongside the Ariel and Molly, sets out to purify the stagnation of the lake and ends up looking into the memories of those ensnared by it.

They follow Matthew as he seeks the aid of a wandering Alchemist about his wife's health. The Alchemist follows Matthew to his home and inspects Mina, shortly afterward he goes outside with Matthew and claims that she'll die within a couple of years. Desperate to save his wife, Matthew goes on to slaughter the local cats as instructed by the Alchemist in hope of creating a cure. Mina finds out about it before is forced to drink the "cure" which causes her body to break down. Having gone insane, Matthew is killed by the First Cat King, Tim. Once this is done, Chise and the others are confronted by Mina and Chise eventually figures out how to guide the souls of Mina, Matthew and the other cats to the next world.


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