"One day, let's make you feel grateful."
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One today is worth two tomorrows. (今日は明日2つ分の価値がある。 Kyō wa ashita 2tsu-bun no kachigāru): is the 2nd episode of The Ancient Magus Bride anime.


Chise Hatori is introduced to and learns more about the creature known as Silky before travelling with Elias Ainsworth to London. Both of them meet up with Angelica Barley and her familiar. Angelica, without knowing Chise's true nature as a Sleigh Beggy, teaches Chise about Magic both in practice and in theory.

On their way home, Chise and Elias briefly talk about the apprentice's past before being greeted by a priest at their doorstep. While Chise is introduced to Simon, the priest hands out three new tasks for Elias, starting at the Dragons' Aerie on Island. Once they arrive, Chise is captured by a dragon and its rider.


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