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Lovers ever run before the clock. (恋人たちはいつも時計の前を走る。 Koibito-tachi wa itsumo tokei o mae ni hashiru): is the 11th episode of The Ancient Magus Bride anime.


Lindel continues to talk with Chise about his past with Elias, revealing the hardships they went through during their years together and a dark secret about her teacher. The morning after she's given the opportunity to start working on her wand again, which she does until nightfall yet again, while Lindel heads off.

When Lindel returns he praise Chise's work and goes on to sing for her, showcasing his abilities as a Mage, which summons forth a few dancing Elves upon the lake. Chise goes on to happens upon Elias through a Water Mirror and she mentions his past and her desire to reveal her own once she returns.


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