Mahou Tsukai no Yome appears to be largely inspired by the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher. Multiple parallels exist between the characters and plot elements of both of the series. This especially relates to the character of Chise Hatori.

Molly Carpenter Edit

Molly Carpenter from Dresden Files serves as the prototype both for the characters of Chise Hatori and Alice , with and some influence from the character of Margaret Angelica Dresden. In Dresden Files Molly Carpenter is the teenage apprentice of the main protagonist of the series Harry Dresden. Molly has inherited her magical abilities from her mother Charity, who did not use them and kept the fact hidden from her husband and the rest of the family. Physically, Molly is a tall blonde teenage girl. She was clumsy, rebellious, and mixed with some bad crowd in the beginning of the series.

The abilities that Molly Carpenter has are strongly specialized: she has natural affinity towards mind magic and illusion magic, having only minor capabilities in most other magical fields. Molly had problems controlling her abilities, which resulted in their involuntary use. Her involuntary use of mind magic ultimately resulted in her being sentenced to death by the White Council - the governing authority of human mages. The sentence had been deferred under the condition of Harry Dresden taking responsibility for Molly, becoming her guardian and teacher. In doing so, Harry saved Molly's life then, as well as on a number of occasions throughout the series. Molly has a one sided crush on her mentor Harry Dresden.

Harry Dresden Edit

Harry Dresden has contributed some traits to Ellias Ainsworth. Harry Dresden is the main protagonist of the Dresden Files. He has strong affinity to combat magic and search spells. Harry Dresden is known for his extensive dealings with magical creatures of different natures. He is often hired both by humans and nonhumans to perform tasks on their behest. These tasks usually include purifying places and finding people and objects. He also creates various potions and magical devices for his own use and the use of his clients. He is largely distrusted by the magical community for killing a human with magic, an act that is taboo for human mages.

Harry Dresden possesses some mysterious capabilities of unknown origin, which allow him to interact with creatures from outside of the universe, where he lives. The origins and the workings of these powers yet to be described in the Dresden Files.

Supporting characters and miscellaneous story elements Edit

Lindenbaum has much in common with the character of Ebenezar McCoy, the mentor and grandfather of Harry Dresden. Ebenezar is an ancient mage, who lives in seclusion. He was the mentor of the title character and helped him carve his staff from a tree on his property.

Ruth is largely based on the character of Mouse from the Dresden Files. Mouse is a Tibetan Mastiff that has magical powers centered around protection against evil powers. Mouse acts as a protector for both Harry Dresden and those close to him. Also Mouse is able to communicate nonverbally with those who have a strong connection to the spirit world.

Titania is largely based on the characters of the Faerie Queens of the Dresden Files: Titania - Queen of the Summer Court of Fae and Mab - Queen of the Winter Court of Fae. The Titania of Mahou Tsukai no Yome, is closer to the character of Mab from the Dresden Files, both in her appearance and some actions. This is clearly established by Titania wanting Elias to join her in her realm and saying that she is the queen of all those in the dark, with Mab being the Queen of Air and Darkness in the Dresden Files.

Other notable similarities between the stories include:

  • The characters of Leanansidhe or Leanan exist in both works and exhibit some physical semblance, though different personality and relationship with the main character.
  • The Wee Folk of the Dresden Files and the small fairies - Neighbors of the Mahou Tsukai no Yome are essentially the same thing.
  • Magical creatures in both stories can't tell direct lies (or find it very detrimental), and often accuse humans of being too fast to lie.
  • Harry Dresden has magical housekeepers.
  • Hair, blood and other body parts are described as having major significance in both works. Significance of spoken words is also noted.
  • The work of the tracking spells in both stories show similarities.
  • Pelts enabling lycanthropy exist in the Dresden Files. The fact that using them is addictive and could result in the losing of memory/self awareness as human is clearly shown. Though, additional kinds of lupine theriomorphs exist in the Dresden Files to the two described in Mahou Tsukai no Yome.
  • The unusually long life spans of centuries of wizards in the Dresden Files is also a major part of the story.
  • The potion to see invisible things and pierce veils exist in both stories.
  • Harry Dresden had his hand severely hurt in a magical confrontation, though he refused to have it amputated. Also, his hand showed a sign of a major irremovable curse for the most of the series.

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