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Cartaphilus (カルタフィルス Karutofirusu) is an antagonist, a monster in the form of a human and seemingly immortal with high regenerative abilities. He prefers the name Joseph (ジョセフ Josefu).

Appearance Edit

Cartaphilus has a body of a boy in his early teens, but his body seems to hold something much larger and more sinister. He has no left arm, so he replaces it with others that he has stolen such as Renfred's. His hair is long and straight, with bangs that he uses to cover his eye when Renfred shoots him.

Cartaphilus wears a long coat, shorts, and a striped shirt underneath suit and vest.


Cartaphilus' color scheme in the anime.

Personality Edit

He detests feeling pain and suffering, fearing the day when he will decay. He has no qualms, however inflicting misery on other living things. He lacks motive, and does what he wants with no repressions. He lacks a reasonable motive for his actions and is quick to lose interest.

He hates when Elias calls him by Cartaphilus.

History Edit

He is the reason the stagnation by the pond exists. Years ago, he told a man that cats actually had nine lives, by taking them away, he could create a potion that gave their vitality to a human. With it, he could save his wife from illness. By following Cartaphilus, the man killed many cats and the potion he created caused his wife to decay in front of him. Cartaphilus then states that his true intention was to see if a human could resist over the curse of a beast, and the man went mad.


Skills and AbilitiesEdit






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