Angelica Barlei (アンジェリカ・バーレイ Anjerika Bārei) is a magus that specializes as an alchemist (technician). She produces tools and other mechanisms that use magic including knives, gems, enchantments, and special ordered jewelery. 




She has known Elias since she was a child, though not as his apprentice. During magic training, there was an accident causing gems to merge with her flesh. She has grown cautious of magic, though that has not stopped her from opening a magic shop in England. Angelica is married to a man named David. Their daughter is Althea. 

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

The SightEdit

Anglica can see and ask for the help of the fae, a prerequesite for becoming a witch.


She specializes in embuing tools with magic, or making them for the purpose of magic.


She has formed a familiar bond with a vodanoi, Hugo. She also has other neighbors in her shop, suggesting she has the assistance of more than just Hugo.


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