Alice (アリス Arisu) is a wizard and Renfred's apprentice.

Appearance Edit

Alice has wavy blonde hair, her bangs styles to the left.

She often ties her hair and wears a coat.

Personality Edit

Alice is a tomboy with an unyielding craving for food.

Background Edit

Alice's father was a substance abuser. He drugged Alice at a young age so she would become dependent and earn him his fix. He then died, leaving Alice as a junkie, forced to continue selling as a means to live.

Renfred spotted her in an alley and found she had magic potential. She was fed an elixir that caused her a month's worth of pain, though, in exchange, it seemed to offset any long-term drug withdrawal.

Working to earn her keep with Rendred, she opened a cursed book, prompting Renfred to save her. After injuring himself for her sake, Alice promised to become his guardian.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit





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